My Top Albums of 2016

So here are my top albums of the year and this isn’t up for debate. This is simply a list of albums that were constantly in rotation in the year of 2016. These albums aren’t in any particular order.

J. Cole – 4 Your Eyez Only

Look anyone who knows me, knows how much I love this man. So I’m not accepting any slander! I saw so much hate for this album saying that it was boring and that it sounds like his old stuff. These same folks are drake fans and all that music sound the same so don’t come for Cole world hunny! Jazze is not hear for it! Real Cole fans love this album because it shows the growth of J. Cole as a man, husband, and now a father. This man keeps his private life very private so to hear him talk about love and being in love on songs such as “She’s Mine part 1 & 2” and “Foldin Clothes.” Look let’s just stop here and take in the greatness of “Foldin Clothes”. The production, the subject, just everything! “I wanna fold clothes for ya, I wanna make you feel good! Baby I wanna do the right thing.” Like come through Cole let your woman know that you appreciate everything she does for you! We love this side of Cole. I won’t keeping going on and on because I could do this all night talking about my top 3 rappers. (Kendrick, Krit, and Cole) Just know that I love the three to the moon and back!

Kanye West – The Life of Pablo

Although we miss the old kanye, that didn’t stop us from jamming to this new album! I played this album the entire summer. Every time I listen to it, it puts me in a good mood. “Highlights” was my theme song for like forever. But this definitely has to be one of my top albums of the year! I’m sad I missed the first round of shows. I definitely was the one who bought tickets for the second round and wanted to cry when he canceled the tour!

Bruno Mars – 24k Magic

Bruno. Bruno. Bruno. I thought this album was genius. It was like waking up in the 90s with the smooth tunes and his melodic voice. I loved how he sampled some of our favorite 90s R&B music and made the songs his own. Something new and fresh and we definitely appreciated!

Solange – A Seat at the Table

Sister came through with what we needed to hear! Some of these artists tell you what you want to hear but Solange gave us what we needed in the smoothest way possible. Some of these song summarized my feelings and thoughts on situations in a song. I know I’m not the only one out there that felt like Solange was singing my life story with songs like “Cranes in the Sky”, “Don’t Touch My Hair,” and “Weary”. She definitely came through with this album. I was so happy to see her in the media this year and people finally realizing just how amazing she truly is. Yes, she’s more than just Beyoncé’s sister. She’s an amazing singer, beautiful spirit, and let’s not forget her undeniable fashion. We love you Queen.

Beyoncé- Lemonade 

To be honest, Beyoncé made this list just because she’s Beyoncé. Yes, I’m bias and I don’t care. I will never make a list of my top albums and not put sis on there! But really I liked Lemonade. I really do but it wasn’t my favorite. I loved it more for the visuals and the story it told. I’m a sucker for a good story. & This Queen had a solid plot, theme, conflict, and resolution. It was planned out perfectly and the finishing project was amazing! You can definitely see the hard work that Beyoncé put into this piece and you have to respect it! People aren’t making the types of moves that Bey is making in this game.

Anderson .Paak – Malibu

That album was everything and more to me. I can’t tell you enough how much I love this album. You can check out my previous music post to read more about his music with music links and videos included for you new folks! Anderson .Paak is a must listen! Click this link to read more! Artists You Should Be Listening To: The Grammy Edition

Chance the Rapper – Coloring Book

 It was Chance’s year to shine! From the album to the epic festival that I wish I had attended! Chance showed up and showed out 2016 and I can’t wait to see what he does with 2017. 

DVSN – Sept 5

If you haven’t gotten into DVSN, you’re sleeping! The Canadian duo are signed to Drake’s OVO sound label and they are quickly making a name for themselves. Their album “Sept 5th” was definitely one of my most played albums on Spotify. This is one of the albums that I can listen to straight through with no skips whether I’m on a road trip, laying up with bae, or cleaning up on Sunday. Some of my favorites are Deep, With Me, Try/Effortless, Do It well, Sept 5th, and In and Out. Well hell I pretty much named every song on the EP so just listen to them all! This album is on the slower side so if you’re trying to turn up this won’t be the right vibe for you. Definitely give it a listen!

Bj the Chicago Kid – In My Mind & Ro James – Eldorado

I ranted and raved about these guys in a previous post. Both albums were amazing. Check out a previous post for review of their music, music links, and live video clips. Click this link to read more! Artists You Should Be Listening To: The Grammy Edition

D.R.A.M. – Big Baby D.R.A.M.

This was definitely one of my favorites this year. DRAM’s album has a nice range. He has fun, catchy song like “Broccoli” & “Cash Machine”, then he serenades you with jams like “Wifi” feat Queen Badu ( FYI: she’s my favorite [inserts prayer hands emoji]), and then he has his jazz inspired tunes like Sweet VA Breeze. This album was definitely a feel good album and I loved it to pieces.

Twenty 88

I was pleasantly surprised by this album. I’m not really a huge fan of Jhene’s soft singing/whispering so I didn’t think I would like it as much I did. Big Sean and Jhene’s chemistry is undeniable and it shows with this EP. & they happen to be such a cute couple that it makes me love the music more.

Top songs

  • Summer 16- Drake
  • Needed Me – Rihanna
  • In Common – Alicia Keys
  • Keep You in Mind – Gordon Banks
  • Close To You – dreezy feat T-Pain
  • Gold – Kiiiara
  • Controlla – Drake
  • Permission – Ro James
  • Resume – Bj the Chicago kid feat Krit
  • Why you always hatin – YG


Thanks for reading! Happy new year!

Love Queensized Jaz



  1. I love these reviews! We are on the same page with most of them which is rare lol. J Cole definitely came through. I’ve been jamming to Solange since “Really Feeling You” days so I’m glad she’s shining more now, too. I absolutely love that she is not in anyway trying to be her sister. Twenty88 is love. I listen to it beginning to end all the time. Great post!

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  2. Well for me, I love Ro James – Permission. I can listen to that over and over again. That’s all I got on this music thing Queen Jaz..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Some of my favorite albums were listed such as 4 Your Eyez Only, 24K Magic, and Lemonade. I actually started to listen to Chance album and I’m still trying to figure it out.

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