Queen Verses

Happy Valentine’s Day Queens & Kings!

Today I decided to share poetry from some of my writer friends who are apart of Dynamic Image Publications. Each woman holds a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to see how far the ladies of DIP goes.

Learned Behavior by Christian Cashelle

You may have not been taught what this looks like

But I am the answer to your prayers

Past hurts and false prophets may call themselves similar

But nothing can compare to my purest form

The sweet aroma from the oven with promise of nourishment

I am your favorite episode of Martin on a Saturday morning

I am the warmth in your home that greets you after a long day

Where you are allowed to be

Your escape from a world that tests your strength

I am your rest

Waiting to take on those frustrations

And give you peace

Your prayer warrior

Your cheerleader

Your in the sheets freak

your man cave

Your favorite team beating the number one seat

I am your low gas prices

Your promotion

Your trophy

I am


Before Dawn by Shareeka Elliot

I used to get kicked out before dawn.
Before he could stretch out the kinks that built up during congress,
Before he could yawn and make up excuses,
I called uber because I knew what it was.
I knew there was nothing more and nothing less than good sex.
I knew there was care but love didn’t reside here.
No hearts and flowers I couldn’t convert his more than 50 shades of grey nor would I try,
Because I’d read this story before so I knew not to implore for all that I was worthy for.

I tossed that book of inane, insane stories out, seeking a happy ending.
I watched it burn until out of the flames, you my love, you my hero jumped through them on your White horse.
You steered my course seeing the worth that I finally saw in myself. It reflected in your eyes, so that you saw even past my wildest dreams and wishes, you, my everyday Valentine,
Hearts and flowers galore you’ve declared I’m the one you adore, not like Christian Grey but your own name’s sake,

The difference is startling my love.
Even in the darkest hour, I need not worry that you’ll put me out on my rear.
I barely have to open my eyes as I feel you drawing me near.
Your heartbeat lulls me back into peace,
Before dawn.

Love is by Diondra Cathcart

Love is not just a word.

It is an emotion, a physical being, a wonder so great that it takes a lifetime to explore and decipher.

Only the soul can experience the depths of its greatness and the heart helps spread its glorious light to those who open its eyes to it.

When a love so great is given, it must exceed to higher heights that only the spirit of God can take and make whole.

That spirit is poured into many hearts and lives on for eternity.

That love has been given to you, to remember, to cherish, and to carry on. Continue to make it proud, make it great, and soar to higher heights.

Let its greatness expand your being, complete your life, and shine through your heart forever!


  1. Queen Jasmine,

    I love this post. All of the women did such a phenomenal job. I find each of the poems express different views of love. The post is so authentic because everyone’s view on this topic is based off their experience with love. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

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