Introducing QUEENsized


Slim. Big. Skinny. Fat. Petite. Plus size. Your size doesn’t matter because you’re a queen.

So why not call us Queensized. I mean it makes perfect sense, right? Right! I hate how society’s view on body image has created so many body shamers. Whenever I’m on social media, all I ever see is negative images about size. She’s too big for this, doesn’t have the body for that, she’s too skinny, she doesn’t have enough of this or that. It’s sickening. Social media is full of body shamers and it’s downright disgusting.

We weren’t made to look the same but somehow the world we live in wants us all to conform to be the perfect Barbie doll. We aren’t all supposed to be a size four with enough hips, butt, and boobs to impress shallow men. It’s sad that women aren’t comfortable enough with themselves that they go under the knife to get the perfect figure that goes along with the current beauty standards. I’ll be the first to admit, i wish my stomach was a bit smaller and my arms weren’t as flabby, but I love me. I love what makes me different and sets me apart from the rest. I learned to love my stomach, my flabby arms, my chunky face, and my not so round butt. I could stand to shed a few extra pounds but I won’t kill myself to impress this shallow world that we live in. I’m sick of seeing women kill themselves to fit in. Bigger butts, smaller waists, bigger boobs all courtesy of the Instagram-famous Dr. Miami. No shade to Dr. Miami at all because I will be the first to admit that I too follow him on snapchat. The transformations are amazing but the shapes that the women are getting are so standardized that I feel like I can pick them out of a line up. Line 5 women up against the wall and I will point Dr. Miami’s signature figure out!

Why are women always under scrutiny? If we all listened to society and the men of the world, we aren’t ever enough. Slim girls aren’t thick enough, big girls aren’t slim enough. Little boobs, you need bigger ones so get implants. Butt isn’t big enough, go to Miami and get the Dr. Miami big booty special. Waist isn’t snatched? Dr. Miami takes care of that too! Blondes have more fun, like brunettes are dry and boring. Afros are too edgy and make you look not groomed. . . well I’m just going to let that one go because getting into different types of hair is a different story (enters eye rolling emoji). But the point I’m trying to make here is that we are all different, we are unique, we come in all shades of color, and different sizes. But that’s what makes us beautiful. Be your own kind of beautiful and love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, who will?

Shout out to all the beautiful women in the world. Wherever you are, you are beautiful. You are a queen. Let’s get rid of the negative stigmas with size and just call ourselves QUEENsized.

Keep your head held high and wear your crown proudly!

Love QUEENsized,



  1. This message is phenomenal and holds so much merit. Thank you so much for sharing. Your message gives uplift within a society full of labels and classism. The topics are bold and thought provoking. Thanks Queen, I look forward to your next message!

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  2. I love and appreciate the honor that you give to all women. Encouraging women to be their own unique selves because if you don’t live your truth, who will. I’m excited to continue reading and promote to give women the encouragement that they need in the society we live in. Thank you 🙌🏾👸🏾


  3. This is awesome! I try to tell the younger girls of this crazy generation this very thing! Be a Queen, not what social media portrays. I think this is very inspiring, appropriate, and real! I love it!! 👑

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