The Queen Behind the Blog

Queen behind the blog

Writer. Editor. Poet. Teacher.

Queen Jasmine has created a culture based on honesty, self love, and peace seeking. Using her gift of words, she has inspired and encouraged many to find their inner queen and spread that magic all over the world.

Using real life experiences as a catalyst to strengthen her inner being, Queen Jasmine began to embark on a journey of self love and protecting her peace, she was led to share her inspirations with the world. QUEEN Sized was created in 2016 to encourage women to love themselves as they are and learn to be protective of their space, peace and mind.

With a bachelor’s degree in English lit and writing, Queen Jasmine knows the power of the written word and how healing and therapeutic it can be. She has grown her following based on realness and calling people out on their brokenness all in the name of healing.

Outside of QUEEN Sized, Queen Jasmine is a senior editor for Dynamic Image Publications, LLC and has been instrumental in publishing fiction novels and poetry collections. She also freelances as an editor and writer, helping aspiring authors to manifest their writing goals.  

Written by Christian Cashelle

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