Artists You Should Be Listening To: The Grammy Edition

In honor of the Grammy nominations that dropped this past week, I thought this would be the perfect way to highlight my favorite R&B singers right now. All four of these artists were nominated this year and my heart swelled with joy. I’m so excited that these talented group of men are finally being highlighted for their talent. So here we have it: three artists that you should be listening to. If you are already tuned in, shout out to you for having great taste in music. But if you don’t know about these three soulful guys continue reading.

BJ the Chicago Kid

BJ was nominated for best R&B artist, best R&B performance for Turning Me Up, and best traditional R&B performance for Woman’s World. Now this man here has been one of my favorites for a long time now. Some may know him from his hit song “Church” or his feature on Schoolboy Q’s single “Studio”, but he has been on the scene for a while now. BJ brings that old school R&B and soul that our parents, aunts, and uncles used to rant about. He puts you in the mind of a D’Angelo, Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass. BJ makes the good music that’s good for your soul and your heart. I see people on social media complaining that there aren’t any good R&B artists out now and days but they must haven’t heard about BJ. He is bringing back the R&B soul and we are loving every minute of it. Check out his latest album “In My Mind,” his first “Pineapple now and laters”, a couple of EPS, and his SoundCloud page for his amazing tribute to D’angelo and other soulful jams. BJ dropped a new song last week titled, “Uncle Marvin.” Hopefully this means more new music!




Ro James

Most people recognize the name and the sultry voice from his radio hit “Permission” which landed Ro James his first grammy nomination for best R&B performance. Ro James is fairly new to the scene but we are still excited to see what else he has to bring to R&B. His unique sounds puts you in the mind of Prince, Bilal, and a bit of Deangelo. His debut album titled Eldorado is filled with jams such as “Already Know That”, A.D.I.D.A.S”, “Everything” and “New Religion.” Eldorado is definitely one of the albums you can vibe to whether you’re on a road trip with friends or cleaning the house. Check out clips from Ro James instagram below.




Anderson .Paak

Anderson Paak was nominated twice for best new artist and best urban contemporary album. Anderson Paak isn’t an artist that we can box into just one music category. So we’re just going to say that he’s a soulful dude. Whether he’s singing and/or rapping on the track, you better believe it’s soulful. Paak’s unique sound puts him in a league of his own.  I really can’t put into words what I feel about Anderson Paak. Just know that he’s a must listen! His latest album “Malibu” has a song for every mood that you’re in. Some of my favorites include “The Bird,” “The Waters,” “Heart Don’t Stand  Chance,” “The Season/Carry Me,” “Without You,” and “Silicon Valley.” Malibu and Venice is available on spotify, apple music, and soundcloud. Anderson Paak recently formed a group with Knxwledge called NxWorries. Their latest collaboration album titled Yes Lawd which is also available on spotify and apple music.




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