Power behind a name 

Did your mother name you bitch?
Or did she name you Hoe and you just didn’t let us know?
No, she didn’t give you any of those names and any woman in their right mind would never address their child as such. So why do we accept it when your girls call you bitch? “Bitch! Let me tell you…” “I only hang out with bad bitches.” Or why is it ok to let your boyfriend call you a “bad bitch” or he claims you as “my bitch.” Is that supposed to be a term of endearment? If so, hunny I’m not here for it. When did being a bad bitch become a thing? How did it become a thing? I don’t understand how it ever became so popular. It blows my mind every time I hear girls use the term bad bitch when referring to themselves or their friends.
Not to sound like a old woman that can’t accept change; but back in my day, the term bitch was derogatory. It wasn’t a term of endearment. If you called someone a bitch, it’s because you wanted to disrespect that person. When you referred to someone as a bitch or a hoe, it used to be hurtful. It used to be an insult but now social media is full of “bad bitches” and “boss bitches.”
I’ve been trying to figure out how we became so comfortable with these names and only one thing comes to mind: self worth. We as women should value you ourselves more and with this new generation I’m seeing less love and more hate. This social media age is overflowing with self hate and people consume so much of it, that their self worth is dwindling. Social media has made it ok to be a bad bitch, fine bitch, that bitch, and boss bitch as long as you are baring all in booty shorts and bikinis, flossing designer names and fancy cars. Some of us have become so consumed with meaningless material things on social media that gives this meaningless imaginary status, that we forget what’s most important. Material things don’t make you who you are. It’s what’s inside, that makes you who you are. Your spirit. Your mind. Your dignity. Your drive. Your passion. Your self worth. Your soul. The different things that make you, you.
I’m saying all of this to say that we shouldn’t ever let anyone demean us by calling us such ugly names. We’re better than this. We’re worth more than this. There are so many empowering titles that we can give ourselves but instead we choose bitch. Why be a bad bitch when you can be a queen? Call your friends Queen and see how it puts a smile on their face. My core group of friends call each other Queens daily. Our group chat is titled Queen Talk. We are group of beautiful and educated young Queens and we won’t allow social media’s negative stigmas to shape who we are as women. So, let all of that name calling go Queen. You’re better than that.
– Queen Jaz


P.S. Granny if you are reading this, I didn’t say those words aloud. Lol Excuse the language. I love you! 💕 

Some of my beautiful and educated Queens! Love you and thank you for all the support! Stay royal my queens!

Love you ladies! Stay royal my queens! 



  1. Queen Jasmine, you hit it right on the nose with this one. We must understand that the everyday language we use to describe ourselves has power and meaning. I often ask myself “how did we start degrading ourselves and think it’s cute.” We must demand respect for ourselves and from those around us. I believe with this start we will see our men change as well because they only treat us the way we allow. I could go on and on about this topic but my girl Queen Jasmine got it right! Love you girl and I am so proud of you😘

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  2. Growing up, I have always looked at the word “Bitch” as negative word – more like a fighting word. With that being said, I do not use the term to refer to myself or friends. Like you said, there are some many other words I could call my friends to uplift them and “Bitch” is not one.

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