Queen Crush Wednesday

Now I haven’t done Queen Crush Wednesday in awhile but I couldn’t let another Wednesday pass by without recognizing this woman. Not only has she been slaying the box office with her memorable roles but she has been slaying the red carpets as well.

My QCW goes to the beautiful, multi-talented Janelle Monae. Janelle came into the industry with her own unique style. She was known for her classic suit and tie, which I love. But honneyyyy! Let me tell you!  Ever since she stepped out of those suits and start wearing gowns, she has been killing the red carpet! She still kept it classic, sticking to the white and black gowns but these gowns have shown a side that we haven’t seen before. She has topped every look at every award show with her sexy, bold style. Janelle’s unique style has definitely won me over and she’s my fashion goals at this moment.

In 2016, Janelle Monae starred in two of this year’s most celebrated films; Moonlight and Hidden figures. Hidden Figures was the best movie I’d seen in 2016 and it deserved all of the praise it received. I actually haven’t seen Moonlight but I’ve heard good things. All in all, 2016 has been a wonderful year for Janelle Monae.

Check out some of my favorite red carpet looks below.

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