Feeling Grateful!

I’ve reached the halfway mark of my 30 day gratitude journey and I must say this journey has been something. When I began this gratitude journey, I didn’t think I would be so emotional about it. I didn’t expect to be overwhelmed with emotion to the point I was crying while writing in my journal. This experience has definitely been cleansing for me. It helped me let go of things that I had no idea I was holding in. It also made me realize that I should appreciate the things that I have and the people who are in corner more.

The last fifteen days I’ve done a combination of things to express my gratitude. For the most part I have written in my journal, I’ve wrote a couple of letters to people that I’m very close with, wrote some thank you notes to my coworkers, and I donated money to a couple of small businesses. I loved the overwhelming feeling it came with just sending notes to people close to me. I can say it brought an increased feeling of gratitude and made for closer relationships. I’ve never been a really emotional person. I rarely express my feelings to the ones close to me, so this journey has encouraged me to truly express my feelings.

If you haven’t read my last blog about starting a gratitude journey and you are interested to know more. Hit this link. A few of my friends are enjoying this gratitude journey as well and I would love to hear about others’ gratitude journey as well.


As always, stay royal Queens and Kings!


  1. Gratitude journey, that sounds wonderful✨
    I’m glad you’re having a positive experience with it. Feeling cleansed that must be beautiful, and I hope it continues to be positive!

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