Black is . . .

In light of current events, I want black people to remain strong. I want people to know that our black is beautiful and being black is important regardless of what society says. 


Black is gold.

Rich in color and spirit.

Vibrant. Classic. Priceless. 


Kinky, curly, wavy.

Afros, dreadlocks, braids, & silk press.

All that black girl magic.



Black is beautiful.

Like caramel, toffee, chocolate

Bold flavor that’s unmatched.



Unmatched melanin.

Shades of gold dipped in honey.

I would be mad too.

(Credit to Christian Cashelle)



Black is strength.

We stand tall against each storm.

Nothing can stop us.



Black is magical.

We must know that we are powerful.

We are the innovators.


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