Know Your Beautiful


I had a blast shooting with the Know Your Beautiful Women’s Empowerment Campaign for the second year in a row. I’ve always been a selfie queen but my first professional photo shoot was with this Lajune’s campaign. That was in 2016 and around the time I was launching my blog, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and did a photoshoot with KYB.

First, I love KYB’s mission and everything that it entails. Lajune came up with a brilliant campaign and way to help women accept their flaws. When you initially sign up for KYB’s annual photo shoot, you are asked to describe yourself and to choose an adjective that describes you. Whatever adjective you choose would only be used by you and I thought that was pretty cool. Of course, I wanted Queen but it wasn’t available so I had to think really hard about what I think describes Jasmine aside from being a Queen. After much thinking, I came up with the word distinguished.

Distinguished is defined as successful, authoritative, and commanding great respect. It is also defined as showing dignity or authority in one’s appearance or manner. All things that I value and that described me. I’m going to be successful and my presence always demands respect. Then I got to thinking about being a distinguished beauty. Queensized women aren’t always seen as the cream of the crop, but we are beautiful nonetheless. There were several thoughts that came along with that adjective after that but I loved that this campaign got me to thinking. It caused me to think about what I wanted to be known for, seen as, and what I represented. I had already created my motto for my blog but this actually helped further my Queensized mission.


Day of the photo shoot . . . .

I remember being nervous to be in front of the camera because for once these weren’t just going to be pictures that my Facebook and Instagram family were going to see. These pictures were going to be on my blog and I was going to reveal myself to a different crowd of people. Upon arriving to the photo shoot, I was greeted by the bubbly personality that you can’t help but smile at. Lajune is such a sweetheart and kept me laughing to the point where I didn’t even feel nervous anymore. While taking pictures she makes sure to throw out a “Yessss hunty,” and “You better work,” and will have you posing and strutting like you are on a runway. Her photoshoots really make you feel like you are a covergirl. They are fun and free spirited and there wasn’t any pressure to try hard to be something you aren’t in front of the camera. I wasn’t worrying about trying to “smize” like on American’s next top model or suck my stomach in the entire time so that doesn’t look too fat for the pictures. I was relaxed, laughing, and having a good time.

I encourage everyone to like the Know Your Beautiful’s Facebook page and be apart of this amazing campaign. Lajune offers this photoshoot every summer and it will be a experience you won’t forget. Follow her campaign’s Facebook page and photography Facebook page if you are looking for a dope photographer by clicking the hyperlink. You won’t regret it. Below are my photos from this year and from the 2016 shoot.


Thanks for reading and as always, stay royal Queens!




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