Dear STL

St. Louis

Home. I will always love my hometown, St. Louis. I googled St. Louis recently and hated to see so much negativity. So many new articles regarding the protests against police violence, police murdering our beautiful black people, etc. For outsiders looking in, St. Louis seems like a wild jungle. A crime riddled city that has nothing to offer but that’s far from the truth. There is so much hatred and violence happening in the city, that it overshadows the beauty of St. Louis.

So when I made a trip back home last month, I was so happy to meet a young woman named Amber Majors. I was going to visit Forest Park with my nieces and nephews, which has been named the best park in the country by USA Today in 2016, and I ran into Amber Majors and the art she was working on. I noticed the picture immediately while finding a parking spot and I just had to stop by to see what was going on. Upon meeting Amber, she told me about her project titled Dear STL and I was just amazed and truly happy with her vision. Having people like Amber to spread joy in the city is much needed and greatly appreciated. Not only is it a great way to bring people together; it’s a great way to give a little hope during trying times. St. Louis is beautiful. The citizens of St. Louis are beautiful. We just have to find the beauty in everything. There is so much violence, racism, and negativity happening in the city that we forget to see the beauty. Meeting Amber and hearing her vision was refreshing.

Check out the video below of Amber Majors speaking about her Dear STL project and follow her instagram page for more information.

Meet Amber Majors




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