5 Queens that Slayed 2017



Many of us didn’t know much about Tiffany until she stole the show and had us laughing til we cried in the movie, “Girls Trip.” We were already huge fans of the rest of the reputable cast, which included Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, and Regina Hall, but we didn’t really know much about Tiffany. I’d seen her as a recurring guest on The Carmichael show and appearances on Hollywood Squares and knew that Tiffany was hilarious, but seeing her on the big screen was a completely different experience. I found Tiffany Haddish so interesting that I began listening to her interviews and was in awe of her rags to riches story. Aside from the hit movie Girls Trip, Tiffany went on to release her first book titled Black Unicorn, premiered her stand up special on showtime titled, She Ready, and became the first black female comedian to host Saturday Night Live. Tiffany had a very inspiring year. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store!



Issa set the world on fire with her hit sitcom, “Insecure” which she created and stars as the main character. Now I love me some Issa and have been following her for years. I was a huge Issa fan back during those YouTube days when she had shows such as Adventures of an Awkward Black Girl, First, and The F Word. So to see Issa grind it out on YouTube and make to prime time tv is amazing and truly inspiring. Insecure quickly became my favorite show because of its relatability. I could see a piece of myself in so many of the female characters. As a 27-year-old black woman, this was a first. As much as I loved the shows from the 90’s, I was too young to relate to them when they were out. Now that doesn’t/didn’t stop me from watching Girlfriends, Living Single, Half and Half, etc. But it’s refreshing to see something you can relate to on tv for a change. Insecure is hella black and unapologetic, and we love it! Aside from all of that, Issa has been out here making statements and signing deals. One of my favorite moments of the year is Issa stating, “I’m rooting for anybody black.” While some were surprised, Issa was just simply saying what most black folks think when we watch these award shows that are dominated by others. Let’s just say we love Issa and she is speaking for the people. Love you girl! We love seeing you grace the covers of all these magazines. Issa also just landed another HBO deal to produce two more shows and she is the new face of Covergirl.



Although, I’m still low key mad that I haven’t been able to get my hands on a Fenty foundation; I couldn’t be more proud of Rihanna. She came through and filled a void that was pretty vacant before the Fenty brand came around. I’ve never had a problem choosing which foundation matches my skin tone best, until Rihanna came and shook up the makeup industry with her Fenty cosmetic brand. When it comes to foundation I’m always in between two colors and have to mix to get the perfect color for my skin tone, but Rihanna came and changed all that for women of color. She can’t keep Fenty on the the shelves and some of us are desperately waiting to get more than just a couple samples of her foundation. We just thank you, Rihanna, for creating Fenty with such a large variety that no woman was left behind. Hopefully some of these other brands are taking notes.



Oh how I love Ms. Angela Rye. So much, that I can’t even find all the words to describe this amazing woman. Ms. Rye is unapologetically black, beautiful, and real. She’s a breath of fresh air and my favorite political commentator to pay attention to. She is a CNN Political Commentator and NPR Political Analyst. Angela is the successful, educated black woman that we love to see come on our tv screen serving nothing but realness. She is the voice of the people and an important part of black culture. Angela hosts a podcast titled, “On one with Angela Rye,” where she gives the most honest answers to the pressing political, racial, and pop culture questions and topics. She is also the CEO of IMPACT strategies, a political advocacy firm in the nation’s capital. Rye also served as the Executive Director and General Counsel to the Congressional Black Caucus for the 112th Congress. We love Angela and are looking forward to seeing more of her.



Ok I have to admit that I’m not a Cardi B fan, but I can’t knock her hustle. She’s had an amazing year and we have to credit that to the work she has been putting in. You can’t turn the radio station or scroll through social media apps without seeing Cardi B. Although, I’m not amazed with Cardi B’s bars, I respect the grind and I like how relatable and humble Cardi B seems to be. She has made her way from the strip club, to a popular instagram comedian, to Love and Hip Hop, to a chart topping rapper who has the charts on fire. She was the first female rapper to have a #1 hit, Bodak Yellow, with no features since Lauryn Hill in 1998. She then followed up with chart topping features on songs with G- Eazy and the Migos. We all love seeing Cardi B win because of her story, her hustle, and her ability to stay true to herself.


All of these women are truly inspirational for myself and others. With hardwork and determination, they have all excelled and had an amazing year. I love how each woman stays true to themselves and continues to push the boundaries for women of color. They’re showing us that the options are boundless and it’s up to us to continue to strive for greatness. So as we begin a new year, set your goals, whether they are short term or long term, and stick to them. Make your goals your priority. They can be accomplished with hard work and determination.


Blessings to my Queens and Kings and as always, stay royal!


  1. I love each and everyone one of them (my feelings for Cardi are the same as yours though). I love that they each shine in their own lane. Great post!

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  2. Queen Jasmine,

    I think you hit it right on the nose with these phenomenal women. It so important that we recognize them for their accomplishments. I also love how you choose very different women who do work in very different sectors of life. Love that you are back.

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