Living Single in 2018

I was one of many whom were super excited to hear that all of the seasons of the popular 90’s sitcom, Living Single, was coming to Hulu. I had watched several episodes as a child and loved it, but as a adolescent I couldn’t appreciate the show as much as I can at this age. Now I’ve only made it halfway through season two and I’ve already learned so many things about the characters and the show as a whole. Every character is completely different and while watching I could find a piece of myself in each woman. Here’s what I’ve learned from Living Single.


Follow your dreams

Never let anyone steer you away from dreams. Like Kadijah, I would rather put all of my energy into something I’m passionate about. Kadijah shows you that entrepreneurship isn’t easy and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication but it’s worth it. Live happily, doing something that makes you happy.

Friendships are important

Throughout the show, all of their friendships have been tested and each time it just proves that friendships are often taken for granted. Cherish genuine relationships, because true friends are there for you when you need them the most.

Be yourself

I think Sinclair represents freedom to be yourself. Sinclair’s quirky sense of humor and kind heart is heartwarming, yet hilarious. Her obsession for trolls, sunflowers, and awkward situations are weird to some, but completely her. People love Sinclair because she is unique and caring. It pays to be yourself.

Women are pimps too. . .

(cues Jay-Z) Regine is the woman much like myself, that doesn’t waste time pumping oxygen into dead situations. When she feels like its not for her, she moves on to the next. Regine knows that she will one day find her match, and until then she’s having a great time dating men of all calibers.

It’s ok to be a strong-willed, independent, and successful woman.

Maxine has no problem letting you know that she is a successful lawyer and is ok with being just that. Unlike her friends, she isn’t out searching for love and companionship. Instead she is driven and cleaning out her friends’ refrigerator as often as she can. She isn’t basing her life and success story off of being some rich man’s wife, because she is successful. Her stumbling across love with Kyle was just an added bonus. Collect them coins girl! Love will come.

It’s ok to be black and proud!

Kyle kept his dreads because of his heritage. There was a point in the show where Kyle was told in order to make partner, he needed to clean up his image by getting rid of his locks. He refused because the dreads were not only apart of him but they were apart of his heritage. Same goes for Maxine, she made partner with her dreads and never let anyone take that away from her. They both worked hard and never let the corporate world comprise their true self. Be true to yourself and remain authentic. It will always work out for you in end.


Although, this show is a couple decades old, the lessons are still very relevant to today. What were some of your favorite parts of Living Single?


As always, stay royal Queens & Kings!

– Queen Jas


  1. I also love Kadijah’s hustle! I had forgotten all about Flava until I started watching again. I also love Obi and Sinclair’s friendship/relationship..its so goofy and pure! Love it all!

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  2. Wait, the 90’s hit sitcoms are on Hulu?! Where have I been (studying 40 hours a week :|)? I definitely need to log back into Hulu. Any whoosie, your highlights reminded me of all the reasons I loved Living Single. Genuine friendship is a core value of mine and this sitcoms does a phenomenal job of modeling it (can’t deal with the fakes)!

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    1. Yes! Hulu has a lot of 90s sitcoms on there. I know I saw living single and family matters, so I’m sure there are more. Genuine friendship is definitely a value of mine as well. Thanks for reading!


  3. Yesss! I was so excited when I saw Living Single on Hulu! I started binge watching immediately. I love the characters and the dynamic of their friendship so much. They’re all so different. But at the same time, I see a little bit of myself in each girl. Now that I’m watching an adult, I can really appreciate the lessons and values that are presented in Living Single.

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  4. Loved this post! You know I love that show and I definitely agree on the fact that I can appreciate the show a lot more now that I’m older. Definitely relatable even more now today despite of how old it is. Same life lessons still apply. I love all of their sense of humor, the things they brought to the table. I loved watching their growth the most.

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  5. Queen Jasmine,

    Love, love, love!! Your growth from your very first post a year ago now( breaks out happy dance!) is just beautiful. I love how you broke down what you have learn through this phenomenal show. First stating that your were to young to understand the show back then but revisiting it has brought so much appreciation and need from black shows, movies and TV series. You taught me something in the way you describe Sinclair. Girl, I just love your blog. It’s perfect with my coffee in the morning. What I mean by my statement below is, it’s refreshing to get a break from the world news, social media topic, entertainment, etc. Reading an uplifting blog as yours keeps us honest, gives us pause in our lives and makes us human.
    Keep shining Queen😘

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