How to Get Over Writer’s Block



So, I have to admit that I’m sort of struggling here. It hasn’t been long since I started this blog and I am already experiencing writer’s block. I got so busy with life that I started to place my focus elsewhere and now I’m sitting here with no idea what to write on this blank Google document. I’ve come up with countless ideas. My google drive is full of empty documents with titles and subjects but still, I can’t write. It’s like my mind is dry and I can’t fuel it up and get it going. Which brings me to this post.

I’m posing this question to my fellow writers and to people who just lack inspiration to do things at some point in your life. What do you do to get back into the flow of things? Below are a few things I thought would work for me. Some I’ve tried and some I haven’t had the time to try.

  1. Take a walk. This I tried. I walked around the park so many times that I began sneezing from all the pollen floating in the air. Then, I got frustrated with sneezing so much that I left. I went back home and got in the bed with a runny nose and I still couldn’t write. Allergies are so freaking irritating.
  2. Meditate. I meditate before bed every night. It helps clear my mind and I am able to sleep better. I was thinking that maybe if I meditate and clear my thoughts, that my mind wouldn’t wander and I would write. Right? No, that didn’t work for me either. I meditated in the middle of the afternoon and decided to take a nap and try writing later. A Queen needs her beauty rest, you know.
  3. Freewrite. I started doodling Queen Jasmine all over my notebook in true Jasmine fashion. Next thing you know, I’m drawing sunflowers all over the paper and I never freely wrote anything. Then I started working on my signature, ‘cause you know your girl is going to have a book signing one of these days! When the day comes, my signature will be nice. (See how I just spoke that into existence. It will happen!)
  4. Read a book. This usually helps me but sometimes I get sucked so deep into a series that I can’t pull myself away. I’ve been reading books by others for days now and still hadn’t started writing something of my own.



Those are some of the things I would usually try and it just didn’t get my mind moving like it normally would. So I’m guessing I need a new approach to getting over writer’s block. This time I really put forth a lot of effort to help myself get over this block.

  1. Set schedules. Sometimes I get so busy with everyday life that I don’t make enough time to actually write. So I blocked out time to write anything for at least 30 minutes daily. This will help jog your thoughts and hopefully help come up with ideas.
  2. Carry a notebook. I keep a notepad in my car, just incase I think of something. I write down everything; whether it’s just a sentence, phrase, or a word. I’m normally inspired by things I see or hear. Whether it’s something I saw on social media, discussions in the office/friends, or things I may see outside. My notebook and the notes in my iphone are full of one liners. I found that radio interviews and listening to podcasts also inspire me a write a lot. I’m inspired by music, success stories, and just intelligent conversations. All of these things could help get your ideas flowing.
  3. Eliminate distractions. Cell phones, iPad, and all of this social media madness is a great distraction when it comes to trying to get your thoughts out. I don’t know about you all but I’m easily distracted. One alert on my phone and I’m out the zone, so for my iPhone users put your phone in do not disturb. Write in your comfortable spot, whether it is on the balcony while the cool breeze flows through your hair, the living room in your favorite spot on the couch, the bookstore, etc. Wherever you are comfortable and relaxed so your thoughts run through you freely. I love writing in different places and I usually carry my headphones so that I am able to block out any sounds that may distract me. I figured out that my favorite place to work is at work. I’m most inspired at my job which I don’t really care for. A lot of time I’m staring into space and I get some of the best ideas out of pure boredom. Matter of fact, I wrote this entire piece while sitting in my desk ignoring the files that are steady piling up. But shhh! Don’t tell my supervisor!
  4. Find writing prompts. The internet is filled with free writing prompts that will get your ideas flowing. I must admit I’ve used writing prompts before and they turned out to be pretty interesting enough to post on this blog. You simply google writing prompts and all kinds of topics and ideas pop up.  

These are things I’ve found helpful. So what helps you guys get out of the writer’s block funk? Leave your comments and ideas below. I would love to hear them.


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