A peace of mind

Although, I keep a smile on my face and my head high, mentally I go through a lot of changes. Dealing with the outside world, family, and just different situations sometimes alter my mood and it is a constant struggle to stay in a positive space. Some days I just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and need to relax my mind in order to have a good day. Today was just one of those days and it sparked the idea for this blog. So here is a list of a few things that help me, and they may help you when you’re not in the best of moods.

Prayer Works.

Pray. Rest. Pray again. Prayer works. I don’t know about you but praying keeps me calm and it eases my mind. Some days I take the time to pray multiple times a day. On some of my worst days, I’ve taken extra breaks through the day at work to pray and get my mind right. Whatever you’re going through, whatever that’s plaguing your mind with negativity can be eased with prayer.


Along with prayer, I also meditate quite often when I’m having a rough time. I usually pray, meditate, and pray again. Meditation helps clear my mind because most times my mind runs so rampant with thoughts that I’m unable to sleep. Some nights I lay still in bed in complete darkness, but with my mind moving so much it feels like I’m in the middle of rush hour in Times Square. Crowded. Busy. Congested. With scattered thoughts, memories, worries, and sometimes pain. Have you ever just had a rough night cause you were so busy thinking, that you are unable to sleep? That’s me quite often. Usually, a calm lush bath (yesss bath bombs and luxury oils are my everything), prayer, and meditation calms me and puts my body and mind at ease. For those who don’t know much about meditation, Google it and try it out. If you need help meditating, there are guided meditation apps such as Guided Mind, Headspace, and Calm. There are also loads of stuff available on YouTube that you can listen to.

Refocus your energy.

Put positive energy towards something else. What are you passionate about? What do you like to do? Take the time to put positive energy somewhere. For example, I love babies and sweet senior citizens, so I may volunteer. I like volunteering at elementary schools, boys and girls clubs and even nursing homes. I also like volunteering at women’s shelters. Helping others put me in a different mind frame. It helps put things in perspective for me. Things I may worry and stress about, seem trivial after putting my energy towards something else. I love volunteering with kids because children truly brighten my day. It always makes me feel good to be able to help the next person.


This is probably my favorite technique. I write quick notes in my journal or my notepad in my phone daily. Sometimes I need to write how my feelings and thoughts down to lift them from my shoulders. I have days where I feel so down and out of it, that I have to write it down for it leave me. Some days when you want to reach out to your friends and/or loved ones and no one answers the phone; write. If you need someone to talk to but you’re alone, write. Sometimes I would like to share things but I don’t really want to talk to anyone, so I write it instead.


Exercise your mind and body. Workout just to get your body moving and your blood flowing. Often times when I just decide to take a walk around the state park, I often find relief. It’s the act of moving and nature combined that usually calms me and puts me in a better place, as I previously discussed in Finding Your Inner Peace. Running on the treadmill, lifting weights, yoga, Pilates, swimming etc, all help with relieving stress and clearing your mind.

These are a few things that help me stay in a positive space, but I’m interested in hearing what helps you when you’re having a rough time. What keeps you sane? What keeps you in a positive space? I would love to hear from my fellow Queens and Kings in the comments.


As always, stay royal!



  1. What keeps me sane is running, detox baths, trap music, and eating food outside of my diet (pizza, ice cream, & tacos), self-date nights, and glamming myself (hair, nails, make-up, and freakum dress).

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  2. Love this post! We truly have the power to change our outlook! For me listening to gospel music really helps. The positive words in the songs uplift me. I really have to feed positivity in to drown out the negativity.

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