Single this valentine’s day? No problem!

Being single for valentine’s day can still be fun. Here are few ways you can make the most of your day.

21 Questions To Explore For Personal Growth

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5 Ways to Practice Self-Love

It’s the month of love and while some cater to their loved ones, we should always be catering to ourselves as well. Self-love and self-care are very important to living a happy life. Here are a few things I find important for self-love and self-care. Stop the comparison game. Forget what Keisha, Samantha, Melissa, andContinue reading “5 Ways to Practice Self-Love”

Day 2 of Seven Days of Self Love

  I am at my best when I’m at peace. I strive to remain peaceful each day. So I center my life around doing things that bring me peace and joy. I practice daily meditation, crystal healing, journaling, and becoming one with nature. One of my favorite past times is to sit at lake andContinue reading “Day 2 of Seven Days of Self Love”