Day 4 of Seven Days of Self-love

Seven Days of Self-love (5).png


Great books. I love sitting with a great book and a glass of wine. It’s something about being able lose yourself in a novel, that’s fascinating to me. I love getting lost in romance and science fiction novels.

Writing. Being able to write has gotten me through a lot of my toughest tests. Writing has always been an outlet for me whether I was just journaling my current thoughts or writing fiction. One of these days I’m going to release a book of mine, that I have stored in my extensive notebook collection. I love creating realistic love stories, where the characters actually have conflict and resolutions. Not those sickeningly sweet romance novels, that you’re reading thinking, “this shit does not happen in the world.” One of these days, I will share my stories with the world.

Water. Water is calming. I love taking long baths, relaxing in jacuzzis, or just sitting at a beach or lake. Those are usually my favorite moments to sit, relax, and regroup. My loyal readers know all about my connection with nature and how important it is to me. 

Nature talks Reset. Revive. Restore!  Capturing Nature  Finding Your Inner Peace

Prayer. That goes without any explanation.

Family. They’re my everything.


If you haven’t joined us on this seven days of self love challenge, it isn’t too late to start! Visit previous post to get the details!


  1. Lounging on the beach does it for me. There is a plethora of different noises in the background, but they’re not distracting. They only add more color to the state of blissful serenity that occurs. All the while the sun is baking the perfect dessert. You. Love the blog queen✊🏾

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