Reset. Revive. Restore!


Paranoia gets the best of me some days.
Waking up in cold sweats wondering what will happen next.
The dreams feel so real, it scares me sleepless.
I can’t live my life like this.
So many emotions consume me.

Some days I walk around feeling exposed.
Like everyone knows what I’m thinking.
What I’m feeling.
Like they could read the emotions in my eyes.
My forced smile.
My firm handshake.
My voice.

As if my peers can read my emotions and use them against me.
How? I’m not sure, but I keep them at bay.
I sit in the park surrounded by mother nature,
Asking her and God how to recover.
How to refresh and reset?
How to move past these negative emotions and make them positive?

Birds chirping animatedly creating their own music
The trees swaying and the rustling of the leaves in the wind,
The ripple sound of water in the lake,
The crisp breeze through my curls that tickle my nose.
I sit with closed eyes inhaling and exhaling; becoming one with nature.
With each breath I take, the negative energy dissipates replacing it with positivity.
Minutes later I open my eyes, feeling new.

I released it in the wind and suppressed with love.
Nature is our greatest restorer.




Poetry isn’t normally my thing, but I was feeling it this morning. Here’s a piece of my peace. 

As always, stay royal Queens and Kings!


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