Day 3 of Seven Days of Self-love

Day 3 of the Seven Days of Self-love challenge.

Reset. Revive. Restore!

  Paranoia gets the best of me some days. Waking up in cold sweats wondering what will happen next. The dreams feel so real, it scares me sleepless. I can’t live my life like this. So many emotions consume me. Fear. Anxiety. Fatigue. Tension. Paranoia. Some days I walk around feeling exposed. Like everyone knowsContinue reading “Reset. Revive. Restore!”

A peace of mind

Although, I keep a smile on my face and my head high, mentally I go through a lot of changes. Dealing with the outside world, family, and just different situations sometimes alter my mood and it is a constant struggle to stay in a positive space. Some days I just wake up on the wrongContinue reading “A peace of mind”