Stop self-medicating & meditate!

think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.
  • think deeply or carefully about (something).
    • Synonyms: contemplate, think, consider, ponder, muse, reflect, deliberate, ruminate, chew the cud, brood, mull something over
  • plan mentally; consider.

People have been covering up their issues by self-medicating for numerous years. Either they are hopping into meaningless relationships to fill the void. Or they are partying, drinking, and indulging drugs to shift their focus. I can attest to going through a rough patch and wanting nothing more than to take my mind off of the strife. Misery and negativity were consuming me and my life. I had sleepless nights, restless days, trouble focusing, and I couldn’t do anything but drive myself crazy with thoughts of my current struggle.

These are the times when we begin self-medicating, because we don’t know what to do to get out of this rut.  All of these things are temporary solutions for deep, underlying issues, because when the relief fades, it all comes rushing back. Nothing has changed. These temporary solutions won’t help you progress and move forward. In a lot of cases it holds you back from progressing.

We need to be progressing and out here living our best life. There’s no time to be sitting stagnant and continuing to self-medicate without getting any resolutions. Don’t sit and self-destruct. Figure out how to move forward and build yourself up. No need to cause yourself extra stress. Let’s figure out how to overcome this. There are plenty of ways you can help yourself without self-destructing. Here are a few of my ideas.

Find someone who listens.

Seek therapy. Sometimes you just need to share your thoughts with someone else. A lot of things can be talked though. If you can’t or don’t want to seek professional help, talk to someone you are close with. A friend that is a good listener, someone you can trust, and has your best interest at heart. Sometimes these people know you well enough and may be experienced enough to give you some solid feedback.

Do things to help you mentally.

You guys know I’m all about being peaceful and protecting my peace. Sometimes stress leads to anxiety and it’s hard to deal with. This was my case. I was stressed and my anxiety was unbearable. I tried several different things that reduced my anxiety and helped my peace of mind.

  • Essential/Fragrance Oils are great for many things. You can use them in a diffuser, bath water, and/or just rub them in your skin. There are different oils for different things. Some oils are safe to rub on your skin and put in bath water, which helps me relax and calm me. Some days my mind runs so rampant, that I’m unable to relax and think clearly. Those are the days I take baths with bath bombs or just add essential oils, add a mixture of oils into my diffuser, and just let it take over me. I know others who rub oils in their skin to calm them. A coworker of mine rubs a blend of oils on her body every morning before beginning work. She says it helps with her anxiety and gets her through the day. There are blends for everything; sleep, stress relief, anxiety, joyful spirit, and even aches and pain blend. Essential oils have become so popular now that you can get a aroma necklace from stores like Earthbound that hold different oils that will help you will wearing it.
  • Crystal healing – I frequent a crystal store and the owner loves to say, “I got a crystal for that.” Since frequenting that shop and earthbound I’ve acquired plenty of crystals, crystal jewelry, and Himalayan salt lamps that have eased my anxiety. I’ve converted my bedroom to a Zen space with lowlights, salt lamps, and my beloved crystals. Since I’m all about centering my energy, protecting my peace, and being able to sleep well; I collect calming and healing crystals. Some of my favorite stones that I wear as jewelry and have different stones around my room are amethyst, quartz, hematite, and more.
  • Meditation – My loyal readers know that I love meditation. Previously, I wrote about the power of meditation and how it helps clear my mind, ease stress, and helps refocus my energy.
  • Yoga – I’ve only done yoga once but I hear it has great benefits for you physical and mental states. This is something I will start doing more in the New Year.

Serenity Prayer.

This prayer is very meaningful for several reasons. It’s a prayer that can help you conquer any battle, encourages you to change for the betterment of yourself, and making you realize that happiness is attainable. No matter what you’ve been through, you can overcome and be happy throughout it all. It just takes acceptance, courage, and wisdom. So figure out what you can change and make a plan to change it, while recognizing how to be at peace with those things you can’t.

There are many ways to overcome issues instead of self-medicating. Don’t spend your life creating bad habits, which could lead to a deeper issue that can affect both your mental and physical health. Create healthy habits to create a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, be happy!

I just want to see you all happy and thriving. What are some things that help you?

As always stay royal,

Queen Jas


  1. Eucalyptus is one of my favorite oils to get me out of my emotions. It just smells like peace all over the house. That and lavender! Good points!

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  2. I love this post Queen Jasmine! I meditated and use oils all the time. This is all important information for our generations and generations to come.

    Liked by 1 person

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