Day 2 of Seven Days of Self Love

Seven Days of Self-love


I am at my best when I’m at peace. I strive to remain peaceful each day. So I center my life around doing things that bring me peace and joy. I practice daily meditation, crystal healing, journaling, and becoming one with nature. One of my favorite past times is to sit at lake and connect with nature. I love listening to the ripples of the water, the animated chirping of the birds, feeling the wind flow through my kinky hair, and just taking in the scene before me.

I feel my best while listening to music. Music has a way of cleansing your soul and conjuring up feelings you didn’t know you were carrying. I love going to live shows and let the music take over me.

I feel my best when I’ve made a difference in someone’s life. One thing that I’ve grown to love about this blogging thing is connecting with other Queens. I love reading your comments and speaking with you privately about different things you may be going through. I love hearing your stories and knowing that my truth has helped you live yours.

I feel my best when I’m traveling and learning something new about the world. It’s so much to explore and to enjoy. I never get tired of learning more about new places and people.

I feel best when my fro is big and free with my signature purple lipstick on. I could have on leggings and dirty chucks, but that doesn’t make me feel any less beautiful.


I am at my best, when I love me unapologetically.

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  1. Yes to all of this. I haven’t gotten the hang of nature yet though…me and bugs do not get along! LOL. I most identify with the music though. A good playlist can change my day.

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