To the Internet Weirdos

The passing of a King is evoking change in the world and the internet weirdos can’t handle it.

It’s a celebration!

Year 28! As the old saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. I can’t believe I’m 28 already. It seems just yesterday that I graduated from college at 21. Bright eyed, smiling, and soul full of motivation to the best me I could be. While many things have changed, my drive and motivation haveContinue reading “It’s a celebration!”

Quote of the day

  “The only limitations you will have are the ones you place upon yourself.” What are your goals? What are your aspirations? What are your dreams? You can reach them. You can touch them. You are able. Believe in yourself and put forth the effort to get where you want to be. Keep pushing. KeepContinue reading “Quote of the day”