To the Internet Weirdos

You people are weird.

The internet brings out the worst and the weirdo factor in people and I’m sick of it. Nipsey Hussle’s passing really made me look at a lot of people different. A respectable black man with that much hussle, grind, integrity, foresight, charisma, and just all around awesomeness really brought out the bitch and stupidity in a lot of people.

I never seen so many people hollering “but yall wasn’t giving a fuck about him when he was alive” and “why are yall so affected by him yall didn’t even like him” posts that I was sick. So what if they didn’t?!?! I’ve been a Nipsey Hussle fan since 2013 and I was happy that all the things that he has been putting into the universe was being heard. Sad it had to be this way, but things that he had been preaching for years were finally being heard by the masses.

Nipsey spoke about black ownership and investing in your neighborhoods, having pride in who you are, loving your people, being healthy, stopping street violence, importance of manifestations, and just finding your purpose in this world. I’m loving that people are hearing and sharing his words. He was spewing positivity in his music, interviews, and to anyone who encountered it. Who wouldn’t want that shared around the world?

At his memorial, so many of his family members and peers spoke highly of him and it touched the world. Although, it made you cry, it made you want to hussle and do better because some of us realized that maybe we aren’t doing enough. That maybe we’ve been putting our energy into the wrong things, when we should be putting energy into bettering ourselves and our communities.


But here go the internet weirdos again with their bulls**t. My friend put this picture in our group chat and I had the same question. Why is someone’s change of heart such a big deal to you? Why is someone being inspired to make a positive change in their life a problem for you? At some point we all have to grow and progress in life and if it take Nipsey’s death to want people to change so what! We all have to start somewhere.

Most times, it takes an specific event or situation that evokes change in a people whether its death that served as a wake-up call, obstacles that made you want to change, specific events that changed your views on things, or near death experiences. Something happens that usually makes people want to make changes in their life. So I don’t know why people think this situation with Nipsey is any different.

I will be the first to say if my world hadn’t been flipped upside down and around again in 2015, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Not even close to who I am now. At this age, I choose peace, happiness, positive energy, sage and crystals, self-love, and things that serve me purpose. But if life changing events wouldn’t have occurred in 2015, I’d still be running on fumes due to work and being full-time graduate student, juggling men, dressing up and going out to feel good, and doing a bunch of other unnecessary shit that served no purpose in my life.

Two events changed everything for me. My view of the world, my thinking, my habits, and my life. Those were some of the lowest moments in my life that changed me for the better. Those trying times gave me vision, insight, peace, and the want and need to change. Sometimes God has to show us in order for us to understand that’s what we need. Change.

Nipsey’s passing taught the world a few things.

  1. That we have the power to change and progress in this world.
  2. Own something, invest in yourself, and your community.
  3. Be a genuine person regardless of what you’ve been through.


So despite what these internet weirdos think, it’s okay to use Nipsey’s death as inspiration to change. And to learn more about his life and others who are doing work similar to his and grow. Don’t let miserable people who are stuck in their ways keep you from growing.


I said I wasn’t going to write about Nipsey, because this was too heavy for me, but i had to address this.

Rest in Power to a great man Nipsey Hussle.


  1. As Nipsey said, we just putting these weirdos on “goofy time”. Lol. But yes to all of this! It’s sad people are pressed about other being inspired.

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