Super Worm Equinox Moon

Did you see the moon last night? It was huge, bright, and breathtaking; I could have stared at the moon all night. I found myself sitting on the steps of my apartment complex watching the open sky in awe thinking, “Wow, the world is beautiful.” I took the moment to breathe in the crisp air and enjoy the light breeze that blew threw my curls. I took several deep breaths with closed eyes and did a couple stretches, before opening my eyes and staring at the moon. The moment was amazing until I caught the horrible stench of cigarette and my neighbors adorable little dog barking away. ( rolls eyes ) That quickly, my peace was interrupted and I decided to finish my quiet time in my apartment.

If you aren’t familiar with Super Worm Moon that happened last night, it was special because it reaches its peak on March 20, 2019, the same day as the spring equinox. The last time the full Moon and the spring equinox coincided this closely was in March 2000. This full Moon is also a supermoon, meaning the Moon will be nearly at its closest to Earth for the month of March. It’s the year’s third (and final) straight full supermoons. This means that the Moon may “appear” brighter and bigger than normal, provided the night sky is clear and dark. For more information

This is also the Astrological New Year, when we move from Pisces season to Aries season. Shout out to my fellow Aries! This full moon is also in Venus-ruled Libra, which feels very romantic and loving, and adds an energy of romance and sensuality to the passionate and blooming energy of the equinox.

This supermoon was a great night to manifest, meditate, and reflect. I did all of that plus more. Since love and romance was in the air, I decided to pull out all of my Rose Quartz crystals and manifest the man for me. Bae is somewhere out here looking for me, but hasn’t found me yet. Lol But I’m being patient and can feel something amazing is coming soon. But really, here are some of the things I did last night for the super moon.  

Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Selenite

Cleared energy. For the first time I got a energy clearing done at my favorite holistic store. It was a interesting experience that’s supposed to clear negative energy from my body and align my chakras. I laid back and chakra stones were placed on my body and the air was cleared with sage and Kyanite. For me it felt like meditation, I went into my quiet place, relaxed, and let go of the energy from the rough day I had. When I returned home, I did some cleaning around the house, burned my favorite candles, and cleared the energy in my home with Sage.

Wire wrapping. I had the pleasure to try a wire wrapping class this week and couldn’t wait to go home and wrap some of the stones I have at home. Last night I tried my hand at wrapping a Chrysocolla stone with gold wire and I liked the way it came out. I can’t wait to wear it as a necklace. Chrysocolla is a transformation stone that inspires new beginnings and helps to purify energy fields, which increases your capacity to love. It’s also opens the throat chakra, which boosts clear communication and self-expression by drawing negativity from the body. I thought this stone was perfect for the moment cause lawd knows that’s one thing I struggle with.

The essentials for my night. Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Sage, Love & Prosperity charged bath salts.

Bath. Oh, how I love a great soak! The bathtub is one of my happy places. I love submerging myself into some nice hot water with my favorite bath salts and oils and just rest my tired body. Tonight, I used a combination of Love and Prosperity bath salts, a few drops of lavender oil, and Dr. Teals Pink himalayan epsom salt. It was the perfect combination to soak away all negativity and stress.

Manifest. I wrote down a lot of things that I wanted to manifest in my life this year. It was a range of things from my peace, how I will treat myself and others, love, relationships, and career. I wrote these things down and told myself that I will continue to work on these things and practice consistency when it comes to working on them.

Meditate. Since the full moon feels romantic and loving, I tried a new guided meditation track through the insight timer app for opening up to love and happiness which uses frequency 528 hz which is known as the frequency for love. It was different for me, because I normally use guided meditation for sleep and anxiety, but I enjoyed it. I meditated surrounded by a blend of crystals, including Rose Quartz, Chrysocolla, Quartz, Amethyst, and Selenite.

Prayer. I end every night with prayer. Praying and thanking God for everything I have, how far I’ve come in my journey, and continuing to bless me with the gift of life.

I slept like a baby last night after a long week of sleepless nights. My mind was free of clutter, worry, and doubt. I wasn’t overthinking and obsessing over any ole thing. For the first time in a couple of weeks, I didn’t spend my night reading a romance novel or writing countless random notes in my google docs because I was restless. Tonight was different. I was calm, at peace, and was able to fall asleep with no problem. I woke up feeling brand new and ready to share good energy with the world.

I hope you gives are having a wonderful month. Happy Spring!

As always stay royal Queens & Kings,

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