My friend has been trying to get me to listen to Lizzo for the longest. I just didn’t take the time to dive into the new artists. You know how some days you just have to get in the mood to even give new artists a try. I still listen to the same old albums over and over. Albums so old that they aren’t even available for purchase on itunes.  

It wasn’t until I saw Lizzo and heard her song “Good as Hell” as the theme song in Lane Bryant’s “This Body” campaign that I started to pay attention. I loved everything about the movement and Lizzo’s song had all of us Queensized women feeling amazing all over the country. The commercials of Lizzo and her thick background dancers having the time of their lives in leotards and tights put a smile on my face. It was refreshing to see thicker women comfortable in their skin and flaunting their stuff on national tv for all to see. The first time I saw the video I was literally screaming “yassssssss” as I nodded my head to the catchy beat and that’s when I went to my beloved spotify app and pulled up Lizzo’s catalogue.


photo credit: http://darinkamnetz.com/post/138940014856/lizzo-at-the-first-avenue-mainroom-more-photos


First, I listen to Lizzo’s “Coconut Oil.” I loved her high energy songs and the good vibes her music gave off. The song, “Scuse Me,” quickly became my theme song. When I heard that song, I felt like Lizzo was listening to my thoughts. This song personified my thoughts whenever I decide to get fly and cute for the day. If you follow my Instagram page and see this song featured in all pictures or videos of me, you know why. Lizzo clearly knows my life. Overall, the EP is amazing and a must listen.

Lizzo’s music symbolizes self-love and the music feels so good that you can’t help but let your hair down and be free. So check out “Coconut Oil” and “Big grrrl small world” and enjoy her upbeat tone. Her music is available on all streaming sites; Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and soundcloud.



  1. I’ve heard “Good as Hell” before but didn’t know who it was. This song is like a theme that needs to play when we walk around lol. I like her style!

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