LUSH cosmetics must haves!

Are you a lush girl? 

In case you are living under a rock, Lush sells fresh handmade cosmetics. Each product is made with natural ingredients and each ingredient used can be seen online in the product description. Lush sells a little bit of everything: bath and shower, facial, hair, and makeup products. There isn’t anything that I haven’t liked from Lush. Their products are amazing and their customer service is always great. Lush is like a family store, you go in and they greet you warmly and are always open to helping you figure out what products work best for you. One thing I love about Lush is that they allow you to test out products in their store. Whether it’s a facial mask, scrub, nail polish, or even a bath bomb. They will test the product on your hand, so that you are able to determine whether you like the softness or texture of the product. If you’re still uncertain, they will give you a sample to try take home and try out. To put it plain, Lush is amazing and you need to go see for yourself! But here are four products that I keep.  



Bath bombs! The big blue bath bomb is one of my favorite bath bomb. It’s like turning your plain ol bath water into an ocean oasis. It’s called the mind cleaning seaweed soak and that’s exactly what it is. It definitely is very relaxing but the seaweed in the bath bomb makes it messy. But don’t worry, it washes down the drain easily. This bomb is great for relaxing sore muscles. Overall, it smells great, it softens skin, and it’s very relaxing but beware it is a bit messy. Another bath bomb I love is the sex bomb. They say the sex bomb sets the romantic mood but yep no action this way. I just like the way it feels. It includes one of my favorite ingredients Jasmine, sage, and soy milk which makes a nice soft bath. Very relaxing, soft against the skin, and it turns your water a pretty hot pink with floating rose petals. Very appealing to the eye and soft against your skin. Bath bombs typically retail from $4.95 up to 7.50. 


luxury BO

Luxury Bath Oils. My favorite luxury oils are “You’ve been mangoed” “Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment.” If you want the soft, silky bath and luxury feeling of a bath bomb without the mess, the luxury bath oils are for you. I love a good bath with my luxury oils, a glass of wine, and a book. It’s my favorite past time. This product is great for people with dry skin. It will leave you with soft and silky skin and they smell amazing. Both of these have a light, slightly fruity smell to them. For best results and to avoid a slightly sticky tub, cut them in half. So you get two wonderful baths for the price of one. These luxury bath oils retail at $3.50. Half the price and half the mess of a bath bomb. This has definitely became one of my favorite bath products from Lush.

The green one is “You’ve been mangoed” is the green one and “Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment” is pink. These look a bit different because they melted together in my hot car, so they have been refrigerated.  lol


Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub (1)

Face Mask. Lush gets all of my moolah when it comes to the face masks. I absolutely love them. Pictured below are three of my favorite masks but Oatifix is the mask I use the most. If you have dry skin like I do, the Oatifix mask is for you. It soothes dry skin, hydrate, and moisturizes. It gives my skin a nice glow after using this product. This mask smells like a mixture of oats, honey, and banana. It’s thick, creamy, and very soft on the skin. The don’t look at me face mask is nice  because it’s like a mask and exfoliater all in one. It good for brightening your skin, breakouts, and acne prone skin. This mask also helps with clearing up acne scars. All of the masks at Lush are pretty good. I’ve tried several but I usually stick with the two I described. Occasionally, I use BB seaweed. There are about fourteen masks to choose from and they have a mask for everyone. The lush employees are good at describing the masks and helping you choose one that fits you best. The prices for the masks range from $8.95- 20.00.  



Ocean Salt Scrub. This is probably one of the best scrubs I’ve ever used. Like I can’t even describe it to you because it’s heaven in a jar. This is heaven scent for people with dry skin that peels or have those ugly dry spots. I’m that girl with the dry, peeling t-zone and dry white spots on my legs. So this product along with some of my butters works miracles for my dry skin. It’s refreshing, exfoliating, and hydrating! This product retails for $21.95 but its worth every dime. 


That concludes some of my favorite products that I have in my house but Lush has a store full of amazing products to try. These are my staples but I also love the massage bars, lip balms, sugar scrub for your lips, for my bubble bath lovers there are bubble bars, hair products, makeup, shower products, foot scrubs, and they have a great men’s line as well. These are just a few things I’ve purchased but the options are endless. If you love fresh, natural products you will fall in love with this store. Try it out and I’m sure they will have something in there for you.


Tonight I’m using the “don’t look at me” mask featuring my favorite cat filter. 

Stay royal, Queens & Kings. 



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