Mr. G Taught Me

Positive affirmations.

I was feeling a little glum this morning trying to find the inspiration to write and continue to create without letting outside factors affect my mind. Sometimes, my mind runs rampant with thoughts about life, my goals, aspirations, wants, needs, and things that I love. So many thoughts, so many things that I could possibly write about, but sometimes it hard to just lock down and focus on one thing. It’s hard being a writer some days. I write short stories and random scribbles with characters I’ve created in my mind while sitting in the awful traffic on the tollway. All things that I never upload or share with you or anyone because I always wonder if it’s worth posting. Will people read it? Will they be interested in it?  A lot of it is incomplete and just random as I mentioned before. Then some days I just sit and think about what type of things should I write that people would love and that would draw more attention to my blog. Then I get lost in ideas; not knowing what I should write. This is when I randomly disappear from my blog. Lol if you’re wondering where I am I’m probably off somewhere reading another book looking for some type of inspiration.

Sidebar: By the way I’m currently reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche. It’s a great book and I may write a review on that!

But today I’m inspired by my former English teacher. He’s one of the reasons I even pursued an English degree. I have always loved to write. I’ve been penning stories since I learned to read and write. Mr. G was the teacher that made learning fun for me. His quirky sense of humor tied in with his relatability to his students made him great. Everyone loved his class. I remember taking his creative writing class and falling in love with poetry and Def Poetry Jam. I had never really been into poetry until that moment. I loved how he incorporated current poets that looked like me and some of the classic poets in his course. To be honest, at that age I didn’t really know many writers that looked like me besides Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison. They were older and not as relatable. So to be introduced to younger, African American poets who made it look cool and fun was amazing to me. Again, Mr. G made learning interesting and it inspired me to want to teach creative writing and work on my craft.

So today’s affirmation came from that same man that I admired so much in high school. He just doesn’t know how a simple response on Facebook sparked something in me that I’ve been trying to find all week. I’m not successful yet but I will be successful. I have to stop doubting myself and continue to push to something greater. I have to know that I’m great, in order for me to be great. I have to remember that this is only the beginning and it will get better. I will get better. I will do better. I will be successful.

Sometimes we have to drive these thoughts in our head until we believe them. Until we become them. It takes a positive attitude to achieve positive results. Our thoughts become things.

Shoutout to my favorite English teacher, Mr. G, for this positive affirmation this morning! I’m shouting you out early! Lol



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